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The Future of Energy | Scienceray

In lieu of the recent oil spill and natural gas well explosions, it is time to put down a clear, concise plan for our future energy consumption.
The country is covered in oil, filled with rage and demanding action.  Unfortunately, regardless of the action taken, will negatively affect the consumers of any petroleum product.  There is a drastic need to remove the country’s addictive mentality that puts the lives of hard-workers at risk daily, with little to no oversight, pushing toward the inevitable emptiness of our fossil fuels, harsh environmental impacts and questionable politics.

Many advocates of domestic, “clean” fuels have been pushing hard for natural gas but what really is in question is how well will it be regulated and who will be in charge with oversight.  As it stands, only pipeline construction and local distributors are regulated but the companies themselves have no agency day-to-day oversight, which is what was similar to the controversial offshore drilling rig contracts.

Recently the Mineral Management Services came under fire for too cozy relationships with oil company executives receiving gifts and off-the-clock compensation.  They were eventually “dismantled” by Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar but with this and the delaying or cancellation of offshore drilling contracts came too little too late.  It is clear that BP was not only unprepared for any sort of serious spill but were cleared for contracts regardless of the data given, so long as the money flowed.

Before diving into any more drilling and mining, this country needs to examine the contracts and issues regarding BP and learn from the mistakes Congress and these industry titans are making and be sure to provide our employees, citizens and companies a clear, concise plan that can help the country prosper economically and environmentally.

Unfortunately a crisis happened and those who are hurt deserve justice but there is no better time to implement a serious, fundamental plan for alternative energy and properly regulate fossil fuels.

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