The Man Behind the Camera

Where to begin.  I’m from Richmond, Virginia, I’m in college studying business but what I really want to do (and the point of this blog) is to make films and shamelessly self-promote with hopes to one day become a feature film writer/director.  I will periodically be uploading various footage and clips I have either edited or altered some how and hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

My true passion lies with screenwriting and I see to it I write something everyday.  News report, editorial, screenplay, short story, teleplay, what I dreamed about last night, about me sections for blogs, something will be written by me on any given day.

To clear my head I head as far west as I can once the snow falls and enjoy snowboarding.  Without snowboarding and food, I would not leave Virginia.  Okay that may not be true, but it is the main motivator.

When there is no snow and the pavement is scorched, I love to work on my car, go cruising and occasionally enter in a local autocross race or take a trip to one of the two ‘nearby’ racetracks.

Other random facts.  I like animals (go figure), photography, reading about politics, economics or any general news and long, intense real feeling dreams.

If that is enough for you to either love me or hate me, then I have done my job.  If not, feel free to send me an email at or comment on the blog.

Happy trails.  Enjoy the new digital age of [wannabe] cinema.

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